Zelle Name Issues

Zelle doesn’t require the account holders name to transfer. Like paypal it uses an email address or phone number.

So why does the Bisq Zelle Account have a name field?

Has anyone else filled this name field in with their favorite cartoon characters name and then run into bisq trade disputes?

So why put your name in there if its unnecessary? From what I’ve learned, the Zelle App on your phone does a name lookup. I believe the app presents the account holders name and asks for you to confirm before sending. I also believe that some banks have you type in the account holders name before sending, but any characters will suffice. While other banks only ask for the phone number or email address and have you type that in twice before sending.

It is there to stop the scams.

One form of a scam is when the attacker gets an unsuspecting victim to send him money for some fake service or some other form of scam and provides the victim with the bank account of a Bisq trader and takes the bitcoins for himself. This can lead to Bisq trader’s bank account getting frozen as a victim reports the scam.

Breaking this rule will get you into a dispute and traders are regularly cautioned here to open a dispute in such cases, there is even a possible reward for them as only the other trader can get the bad trader’s security deposit for his troubles.

that is always the same problem, when you trade with in the May-scale, giving the hardest and hoping for the soft stuff…
In case the may-scale is unknown: https://blog.stakeventures.com/articles/the-may-scale-of-money-hardness-and-bitcoin

@avocado have you tried using a pseudonym? did it work for you? or did you end up just putting in your full name?

along a similar issue I need help with a dispute that was opened because my name on the zelle did not match the account on the trade. I am the buyer. I seem not be going no where with the current moderation. Are any high level moderators available to assist?

What is exactly the problem?
Arbitrators should be able to help you with your trade.

If the account holder name does not match to that what you see in Bisq, open a dispute by cmd+o.

The problem is that Zelle does not always transmit the preferred name when zelle is initiated via a bank such as Chase or BofA. This has caused my current transaction (as a buyer) to not match the name that was expected even though the comment (transaction ID) and amount are appropriate. Besides for explaining this to the arbitrator who asked for the details I do not have a response with regard to the proposed outcome. Will this mistake be forgiven and the funds released since proof of the fiat transaction is complete? Will the transaction be allowed to expire with me forfeiting a the deposit fee? It is simply radio silence from the arbitrator after their initial inquiry into the name mismatch.

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The arbitrator should respond in about 24 hours. If not please post the arbitrators onion address here, maybe a message did not arrive.
In such cases the security deposit is not taken, only if there are violations of the trade contract, but not for honest mistakes or problems caused by banks.

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here is the id of the arbitrator: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Has it been more then 24h since last response from the arbitrator?

yes Sept 21 11:37 CST

That’s @keo
You can contact him here or try re-opening a dispute with cmd+o.

It was likely some error that made the message not deliver to him.