Zelle payment process

I set up the account to use the Zelle Payment System with my name and phone number the same as my bank account. Does this automate the process or do I still need to login to my bank acc and set-up the payee name and email and then make the payment? If this is the case, I did not record the payee’s name and email and can’t find it anywhere in the transaction area of Bisq.

Update: Okay, I found that information. Just need to know if I need to login to my account and manually send the payment via Zelle by inputting the name and email information and sending the payment?

Please help.

All payment methods except BSQ just need from buyers to send a payment just like they would do normally, no need to link anything any info other than the account data.
So yes, once you have created an account at “Accounts” make or take an order and use the email and name info to send the payment.