Zelle payments take 3-4 business (not calendar) days to process...therefore

Not a complaint, just an observation I think both buyer and seller need to be aware of before initiating dispute.

I made BtC purchase using Zelle, within 30 minutes after confirming trade and making BtC deposit.
Then I noticed that Bisq deadline for trade is 4 days (calendar days). However, Zelle takes 3-4 business days to process. Since I made purchase on Friday, funds will be available to seller on the following week on Wednesday; however deadline for Bisq will expire on Tuesday (one day before the seller receives money via Zelle).

I am hopeful that the seller will realize this and not initiate dispute unnecessarily.

I am not that familiar with payment methods in general.

Maybe @Alfsbs can look into this to see if we need to extend the max trade period.

Hello, Noah, did you finally have any problem with the order?

The issues are US banks, not the app, so I retract previous suggestion. When I chose one US bank to pay with Zelle, the transaction cleared after 5 calendar days and only after the seller called his bank to “pull” the transaction.

After I switched to another bank, next time I used Zelle, the transaction cleared in about 20 minutes.

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This recently happened to me. The time seems to vary based on bank and trading partner. I think there are several variables so it depends on the buyer’s account, their zelle set up (app/native, etc) and if the bank is a zelle member bank or just participating in the program. I inquired with the buyer and they got the expected timing from their bank and passed it on to me so I knew that it would take longer.