Zelle restrictions

not getting any bites on my sell offer on Bisq and seeing that most other sellers accept Zelle. so I spend literally hours futzing with Zelle trying to get it to accept one of my debit cards. finally got one, go back to my Bisq account settings and add it. then at the last confirmation step it says if my bank isn’t on the (pitifully short) list of banks shown (it isn’t) then I’ll lose my security deposit. WHY? isn’t Zelle strict enough already about what cards it accepts?

I’m not familiar with Zelle but these threads seem to imply that the list of banks accepting Zelle is longer that that on Bisq:

If I remember correctly there are some banks that claim to support Zelle but had some issues. This might have changed but it needs some investigation to verify.

OK, I’m going to ignore the warning and try anyway. thanks guys. I will try to do a test transaction first outside of bisq to find out how fast I get the money.

ah, never mind. it’s not going to work for me anyway, because I’m using FreedomPop as my cell provider and it doesn’t store the phone number in settings where the Zelle app can see it. https://www.reddit.com/r/zelle/comments/ax9sjp/what_is_error_a101_in_the_zelle_app/