Zelle trade over my daily limit

Hello all,

I have been making consistent buys across bisq with no issues. I am working with a different seller for the first time in a while. When I attempt to make the payment via Zelle as agreed it is not going through.

I have contacted my bank and they see the attempt but it is being blocked by sellers bank. Seller insures me he has had no previous problems accepting payment via Zelle.

This is a trade over $1000 and my bank caps my payment via Zelle at $500 a day (which I just found out as my usual trade has been below that) so it will take 3 separate days to make the complete payment.

There is 3 days left to complete this trade so any help as soon as possible would be highly appreciated.

Additionally, if required, how do I get a mediator involved?

Hi, to talk to a mediator you can use the keybase #support channel.

AFAIK, it’s possible to make the payment in different steps when you reach the limit, but it’s not optimal. Better talk to a mediator, you can find your mediator using this guide: Finding your mediator - Bisq Wiki