Zero confirmations, so my Bitcoins locked

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask for another clarification, if possible.
The last purchase I made, sees the payment of the incoming Bitcoins stopped for almost a day without any confirmation (17 seen, but zero confirmations).
Why does this happen? Is it because the other person has chosen too low fees? If so, there is no way to forgo the purchase (my Bitcoins pledged for this transaction remain blocked there and I need them…)?
Thank you in advance!

I have two transactions (a trade an a transfer to an external wallet) that have no confirmations and no transaction record in the mempool or blockchain, for over 12 hours - any ideas?

Use this blockchain explorer to see if those transactions paid enough mining fees to be included in a block.

You can meet us at Keybase to share those transaction IDs.

Hi @lexbury, this is your trade? Fee reimbursement for trade ZQ8MJZ · Issue #809 · bisq-network/support · GitHub