Zip code mandatory for SEPA money wire

I’m trying to do a SEPA money wire to pay for BTC.
But my bank needs the zip code of the recipient in order to execute it.

Has any one encountered this?
Is there a way to ask the recipient for his/her zip code?


Guess one could use the banks zip code derived from the IBAN


Thanks for your reply @alf

I thought about this but it is not bullet proof.

In the city I live in my home address has another zip code than my bank (in the same city).
(although they are very similar)

But to make it even more complicated in my case the recipients IBAN does not include the zip code of a local branch but of the bank’s headquarter in Gland.
Swissquote address

For the SEPA transfer resp. using IBAN for non Euro transfers, the counter parts zip code is not required. Its your bank that demands this field filled only. Your bank doesn’t know your counter parties zip code either! The receiver bank most likely wont reject an incoming transfer cause you provide his account name and IBAN but not his zip code. From Bitsquare’s protocol point of view IBAN and message is sufficient.

Ok, I will use the zip code that is returned by the IBAN.

let us know if it worked. banks even dont know their own rules… once they get a famous entry in books of history, not in the positive sense…

@ManfredKarrer, the payment went through without problems. :slight_smile:

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