Anonymity and terms of cash deposit

When creating a new national currency account in bisq, there is an “Extra Requirements” field. At first I thought maybe that this could define terms of the offer but it doesn’t show up in the offer section. Is it possible to create an offer which specifies a requirement that buyer (cash depositor) must not have to provide ID at sellers bank (seller to verify before accepting offer, that their financial institution in buyer’s locale is ok with cash deposit without ID? If this can not be part of the trade terms, what are the best methods to make these cash deposits without providing identification. Having to respond in the the negative to a teller’s request for ID on the spot would (at least in my opinion) raise flags as the the nature of the transaction. I’d like to avoid this kind of surprise. How many here have requests made for ID at the sellers bank and how is this handled if the request is made? Do you make it know up front that you are depositing into someone else’s account or just try it first and explain if needed later? I hate that simply desiring anonymity creates a questionable purpose.

In my experience, the ID requirement for cash deposit changes from bank to bank, location to location, teller to teller. I think this is an issue you should ask your bank.

That being said, trading with your neighbors is not against the law- yet. So brandishing an ID is not the end of the world.

Generally, Bisq traders are extremely savvy and will understand the requirements of their selected payment method.

How would one specify the “reason for payment” when there is no field on the Branch deposit slip for such thing? I’m assuming that I’m doing a counter deposit into sellers account and that I would not really even need to have an account.

ID requirement is a bank policy…it wouldn’t matter what the sellers says.

If there’s no place for payment reason, there isn’t much you can do. I’ve done a couple of cash deposits in the past without specifying the reason/trade ID and had no issues.

However, anticipating this, some sellers will ask you to write the trade ID on your receipt and send them a picture of it, possibly ripped in 2 pieces with “NO REFUND” written as well).

That’s an example where the ‘extra requirements’ field is useful…it’s also useful for face-to-face trades.