Any cunning linguists among us?

Hey guys, I need some help. There are a number of files that need translation and I just can’t do it all alone. If you’re a native speaker of another language that would be ideal, but even someone fully literate in English can do this using Google Translate.

The files needed are at: is in English. All the others need to be translated to the language in the file name. So, if you see that’s German (de = Deutsche). I did some of that one to give you an idea of what’s required, and each of the others has the first line translated too.

If you take this on, leave a note here so that we don’t have two people working on the same file, ok?

Language list for this first batch:

Arabic (UAE), Chinese (simplified), Czech, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Filipino, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

With that lot done we should be able to talk to about 70% of the world’s population in their own language.

Unfortunately we need to get first the code ready to support translations.
I just started in the very beginning with the properties file but that covers just 10% or less of all used strings. If anyone wants to work on that, would be great!
It requires to replace all strings used in the java code by the resource ID:
e.g.: BSResources.get(“createOffer.fundsBox.totalsNeeded.prompt”)) - in
There are duplicated strings as well so it needs a good naming scheme to not lose overview what is used in which areas.

Another important issue is that the translated strings are breaking the layout (if they are longer). French for instance is typically 30% longer than english which leads often to layout issues. It would be good to have a collection of screenshots where the translator can see the usage, and once we get the translations we should check if it does not break layout or is truncated.

Once all display strings are supported then we should check out which tool is best suited for non programmers to help us with translation.

Transiflex is widely used, but I have not looked closer into it. We just need to support our properties file and use UTF8 to support all special characters (if your text editor is not set correctly then the special chars get screwed up).

I would prefer only real, native translation. When I use an app and it is translated by machines to german it looks very cheap to me and gives me a bad impresssion. I prefer to have then english.

We got in Github and the wiki (and I have a few by email as well) quite a lot of offers of people who want to help us for translation. So we could check out with them once we are prepared.

UPDATED a bit from the first version…

We have to start somewhere. :slight_smile:

UTF8 is taken care of, that’s why I translated the first line in each file. Even editing with Windows Notepad will work now.

Sorry if the German translation looks bad to you.

At one time I was part of the HaikuOS project, we used this:

Edit: You might note that we were totally organized, with lots of German developers. It didn’t ever get finished after 15 years …

I’ve added a bunch of new files, please check at the repository to see if your language is amongst them and help out!

In this batch we need:

Bosnian, Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Finnish, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Hindi (India), Italian, Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Maori (New Zealand), Polish and Uzbek.

I’m friend with a linguist. Is there a bounty for this?

No, sorry.

I can help with Russian and Kazakh.

You are awesome! Many thanks.

I can do Croatian, and Bosnian(I honestly don’t know the difference)

Probably not much, but Australian English and New Zealand English and Canadian English and American English are all subtle variations, even if they seem the same on the surface.

Maybe just do the one that is your native language.

OK, for those guys taking this on, please download the file you need from the repository at and edit it. You can email the finished file to me at:

Files are in UTF8 format and should be kept in that format. Editing with Windows Notepad is fine, do not use an editor like MSWord because it adds junk we don’t need into the file. If you use Linux or some other OS please save with CRLF line endings.

I’m taking care of the portuguese translation.

the list of translation platforms on the github issue is quite complete. we probably want pootle if transifex charges the project.

If you know the Brazilian variant that would help as well.

This is an initial run to get something happening, Pootle may come later. I just want to see this project started so I’ll be adding it manually for now.

Files are not even complete but people have been waiting two years for this.

Croatian is DONE. Many thanks to peromax. :smile:

i am doing German.

Super, vielen Dank

Manfred has integrated this change into the Development branch of the code. All the above links have been changed to reflect this.

Who will be next to finish their translation?

I can also help with German if required
(maybe I have somebody for Chinese and Thai)

Github user layer1gfx has completed the German translation. Nice work!

I am getting help from friends in New Zealand with the Māori translation.

Which language will be next to finish?