Any cunning linguists among us?


For the last few days I have installed Bisq 0.5.1.
Although the GUI doesn’t have that many differences from Bitsquare, it does feel excitingly different (probably knowing that Bisq is a huge upgrade, with the DAO, the white paper and BSQ enhances the impression of dealing with something new).

Language also affects my interaction.
I set up general preferences with Greek language as I needed to check the language. There are several things I still need to check, but up until now I haven’t found any huge errors.

One thing I noticed is that because some of the expressions and terms need more space in Greek, there are a few of them which don’t appear completely.
In the following screen you can see clearly what I mean:

  • Tabs ‘Buy BTC’, Sell BTC’ and ‘Portfolio’ (upper left corner) overlap each other.
  • Length of ‘Locked Funds’ notifications (upper right corner) is bigger than the allocated space forcing the app to use dots.

  • For the first problem a good solution would be to spread the tabs wider apart.
  • For the second problem a good solution (IMHO) would be to have a small window to pop up every time the cursor hovers over a term or sentence which doesn’t appear whole. I’ve seen this solution to other apps with the same problem. Of course I don’t know how difficult is the implementation of this solution.

Finally, after I’ve checked most of the app, I’ll probably have some corrections. I’d like to know what would be the easiest way to send these corrections for the next upgrade.

Also you can consider me a permanent Bisq contributor for the Greek language. Except something really extraordinary happens in my life (like spontaneous combustion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) or you hire a professional translator I can translate and review every new upgrade release.

PS. It feels really good to eventually see something you worked for to come to life!


Thanks a lot for your feedback and support!

For the translation: Please check out our transifex page.

@riclas manages that if you have any questions…

The translations will require much more work on the UI side. It is quite a bit of effort to make the layout in a way that it fits with many different languages (some are much longer then english) and space is limited so we can not simply scale all up until it fits. As soon we have a dedicated UI designer we will work on that.


Please don’t miss the deadline for the request for genesis distribution!

You all deserve to be part of it!


If anyone here still uses Facebook, please post a link in the Thai Facebook group calling for translation help.
(This seems to be the oldest one there.)
Bitcoin Thailand Facebook

Thailand needs bisq badly, because under new law traders are gonna be raped with capital gains and VAT, for a total of as much as 22%.