Any cunning linguists among us?


Yes the current translation file only covers a small portion (create offer and take offer views).
We need first a UI developer who is doing the work to apply translation strings to all display strings. I don’t have time for that unfortunately as I am too busy with the DAO stuff and other high prio work.


As I said earlier, Greek translation is reviewed and ready for use. Unfortunately I can’t incorporate it to the github file (I wish I was a programmer, but unfortunately I’m not). Except there is an easy way to do it (just point where to find instructions and I’ll crack on it) someone else has to do it for me, using the transifex file.

Thanks in advance and apologies for any inconvenience.

PS. Whenever there is anything more to translate for the upcoming app, count me in for the Greek part.


Great thanks!


Don’t worry about github. that’s for us to work through when it makes sense to merge the translations with the app. :slight_smile:


Just sent you a email regarding support for translation in the app.

I have implemented it now so all display string are now in the property file.
Here is our working branch:

Would be great to get as many languages as possible in for the next release. At least spanish, portuguese and german would be good.



Hi all. As Manfred said he finished the tedious job of importing all display strings to the properties file.

This file has been updated on transifex. Translators please keep in mind the comments at the top of the file.
Also, please review the previous translated strings and make sure everything is correct, some may have changed.

I would appreciate it if all translations were reviewed before we include them into a release. As manfred said, we would like a couple more languages to be completed for the april release. This will be one of the last opportunities to get BSQ tokens before the DAO release!

Let us know if you have questions.
thank you


Hi @riclas, could you accept my new language request? I’d like to join the project but don’t speak any of the proposed languages :slight_smile:


welcome :slight_smile:


Hi gang, I didn’t read all the responses, so I don’t know what’s been resolved. Are there more translations to do?
Perhaps a list that can be updated–google sheet or something?


Well, look at that! I found it.
I presume this is current and definitive?


This is the current list showing the state of translations. Any language can easily be added if you miss one.


I have almost finished the Greek translation, but I have two issues.

  1. I need some guidance in the last three untranslated strings which are:

Revert Tx



  1. How do I review the translated strings? Officially I need to review most of them to be sure that everything is ok, but I can’t find any review button/tag with which I can mark the strings after I check them.



Revert Tx : That is for double spending a transaction. it is only visible for emergency cases as it is a hidden feature.

Revert: Same as above

Roundtrip: The time what a message needs to be sent to a peer and returned. Technical term in networking. u can keep ti tin English as well i assume


You can use google translate if it helps you.

After you finish the translation, ask @riclas to add you as a “Reviewer”. I believe he is in charge of the translations.


Thanks, but Google Translate doesn’t translate always correctly. In this case ‘roundtrip’ refers to a technical term. Google will give me the literal translation. Sometimes it might also give a special interpretation if I put the term inside a specific context (with other words), but in this case it doesn’t work.

I will leave these three terms in english. If the terms are not for the everyday user of bisq, it doesn’t matter.

I will ask @riclas to give me “reviewer” permitions. It will help me to recheck the translated lines.

Thanks for your help @ManfredKarrer and @alexej996.


An update on translations: we now have greek and portuguese (brasil) completed. I am letting the reviewers do their work and then I will merge these languages. same for the update to previously added language.

thanks all


I’m still reviewing my Greek translation. A few lines per day.

Yesterday I notices something odd. Some of the translated lines appeared untranslated. Did I do something wrong or did the developers had to change some of the lines?

In any case I started translating again. No worries. In a few days I’ll complete the Greek language (once more :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Edit: I think I notice that all ‘bisq’ have become ‘Bisq’ and there are some other changes. Most of the new untranslated lines have already suggestions (meaning they were already translated). In some suggestions the only difference is the letter ‘b’ in ‘Bisq’. In a few other I notice some differences in syntax or/and sentence composition.


Yes, the strings got changed, it isn’t just you :slight_smile: It changes occasionally as the development goes on. As you noticed, recently bisq changed to Bisq, probably it was decided to change the name like that, so perhaps the new logo will be changed as well to say Bisq.


Yes the initial plan to keep all lowercase got changes as it looked strange when reading in text. So Bisq is used with captial B.


For the last few days I have installed Bisq 0.5.1.
Although the GUI doesn’t have that many differences from Bitsquare, it does feel excitingly different (probably knowing that Bisq is a huge upgrade, with the DAO, the white paper and BSQ enhances the impression of dealing with something new).

Language also affects my interaction.
I set up general preferences with Greek language as I needed to check the language. There are several things I still need to check, but up until now I haven’t found any huge errors.

One thing I noticed is that because some of the expressions and terms need more space in Greek, there are a few of them which don’t appear completely.
In the following screen you can see clearly what I mean:

  • Tabs ‘Buy BTC’, Sell BTC’ and ‘Portfolio’ (upper left corner) overlap each other.
  • Length of ‘Locked Funds’ notifications (upper right corner) is bigger than the allocated space forcing the app to use dots.

  • For the first problem a good solution would be to spread the tabs wider apart.
  • For the second problem a good solution (IMHO) would be to have a small window to pop up every time the cursor hovers over a term or sentence which doesn’t appear whole. I’ve seen this solution to other apps with the same problem. Of course I don’t know how difficult is the implementation of this solution.

Finally, after I’ve checked most of the app, I’ll probably have some corrections. I’d like to know what would be the easiest way to send these corrections for the next upgrade.

Also you can consider me a permanent Bisq contributor for the Greek language. Except something really extraordinary happens in my life (like spontaneous combustion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) or you hire a professional translator I can translate and review every new upgrade release.

PS. It feels really good to eventually see something you worked for to come to life!