Any cunning linguists among us?


Hello Riclas

I can be your coordinator for Brazilian Portuguese.



Hi jacobi,
I’m not sure if we want to split the translations since we now have the language agreement… Can you look into the incomplete portuguese translation on transifex and tell me if there would be many changes you would do?


Sure i can.

How i do that on Transifex? someone needs to assign me for something ?

I already create an account on Transifex.


Simply check the translation to pt I have done
You may need to join the project first if it gives an access error.


OK! Ipm there.

Bu i noted there is a message telling this : “This organization’s trial has ended. To keep using Transifex, please ask one of the organization’s administrators to subscribe to a plan.”

I can continue with the translation ?


Yeah, it’s a stupid warning, we are authorized to continue there.


Is Serbian needed? Might do it if when I have time.


any language translation is welcome


I shall do it then in couple of weeks if somebody doesn’t do it by then already.


You’ll be working in cloud so don’t be affraid to do the same job twice. The job to do now can be completed in 3 hours or so. And there aren’t too many translators, even for a language with more users like spanish.


I’ll do the greek translation. Can someone accept the ‘request greek language’ in transifex and then let me join the team?


I translated it to serbian, writen in latin and cyrilic alphabet, and made a pull request on your branch. I hope that is ok. :slight_smile:


I’m close to finishing the greek translation.
Can someone give me a definition of the term “dust change”?
The whole phrase is:
“That input amount would create dust change for the BTC seller.”

Thanks in advance.


Dust is the term for very small btc amounts (<546 satoshi = 0.00000546 BTC). Most btc nodes do not supported to send such small amounts as it is considered like spam (dust), just creating load for the network but has very little monetary value.


Hello @riclas,

I can translate for Chinese. How can I join? I have created the account on transifex.


hi, make a request for chinese at our project page:
and join the team


Hello @riclas,

Request to join Chinese translation sent.
Seems I need a coordinator for it?

Raven Kong


welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ve finished Chinese translation. I will update ocasionall if there’s new parts need to be translated.

Raven Kong


Greek translation is finished.

I didn’t see any lines referring to the tabs “Portfolio”, “Funds”, “Support”, “My open offers”, “Open trades”, “History”, “Reserved in offers”, etc. Shouldn’t they be somewhere there? Shouldn’t translate every word appearing in the main window?

Am I missing something?