Arbitrator2: g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999

Hi this is arbitrator 2 active from now on, here to help with any problems you may have encountered.

Onion address: g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999



I have a trade from the 18th of May that the XMR buyer hasn’t released. I have opened an dispute but still see my messages haven’t been read. Are you able to provide any update on this trade?


Hi, could you please provide the onion address of your arbitrator?
thank you


I sent messages days ago but they said “Message saved in receiver’s mailbox”

Just then I sent the same messages again and this time it said “message arrived at receiver”.

So maybe you didn’t get the first lot of messages? If so that’s a bit of a worry. Any Bisq devs have any ideas?

You can PM the arbitrator your trade ID here, so he knows which trade this is exactly.

I currently have 2 trades with 2 different arbitrators that are unresolved 48 hours after lodging a dispute (I am XMR seller). Haven’t received a response from Arbitrator2 yet and I’m not sure what’s going on with my other trade.

I understand that Bisq isn’t a company and the arbitrators do this in their free time so I just need to wait. I’m just frustrated when people continually don’t seem to follow the trading rules and this keeps on happening time and time again. I think maybe the issue might be is that the XMR buyers know that they can come along after two days or so and go “oh there was a bug” and still keep their security deposit.

I am definitely wondering how viable Bisqs plans are to get rid of arbitrators because about 10-20% of my trades have ended in the XMR buyer not clicking “payment started” which I assume with no arbitrators would mean that those funds are lost.

Hello eeeper,
You may have a look at
2 proposals have been made just the last week which concern XMR and should help to speed up the trades.
And there are also some older proposals which concern XMR.

If you have ideas about how to ease XMR trading on Bisq, please let us know.
Bisq being an open project, you can yourself make proposals.

Hi Arbitrator2,

Still haven’t received any response via PMs here or via the messaging system on Bisq. Just wanted to confirm that you have received my messages on Bisq?


please provide the tx id
I don’t think I have received your messages

I private messaged you on here over 24 hours ago with the trade ID. did you receive that?

Trade Id is luwyd I have been sending messages on bisq for 3 days and opened the dispute 3 days ago

Edit: I have also PM’d you a screenshot of what my Bisq looks like.

When you can find my trade can you please check my proof and release instantly without the XMR buyers security deposit. I don’t want their security deposit I just want my funds released. thank you

Hi, thank you for all the information but I have double checked and I am not the arbitrator for your trade. please send privately a screenshot of the details of the tx where it shows the onion address. just in case there is an error.

thank you, there must be an error on Bisq because I have never received that dispute to this day. Thank you for notifying and thank you for your patience, we will solve that issue quickly

Thanks for looking into it for me. If you need anything further please let me know and I will provide it as quickly as I can.

Hi, please go on the dispute and press cmd + o, that should open the dispute on my side too.
thank you

Hi, @Arbitrator2 Really glad to find you. My hard drive terminally crashed last night. I’ve restored my Bisq wallet to a new computer, but all the portfolio info is gone. I still see transactions as of May 18th though. I have two open trades–one in dispute and another I’m waiting to complete. I bought BTC via USPS money orders. I have the transaction ID’s (and contact info of the people I’m trading with). How can I complete the trades since my wallet doesn’t have the portfolio data? Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi, can you please provide the tx ID via private message?
I’ll try to help you from there

Sure. Is there a private message service you’d like me to use? How about an encrypted email I can give you the password to in advance with the trade ID in it?