Arbitrator2: g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999

@wandering ,
It is possible to use PM just here in the forum.
Just go on your account and you’ll see that it is possible to message from there.
(The forum is hosted on a Bisq own server)

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Thanks–just sent.

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Will be traveling the next couple of days so might take a little longer to answer.

thank you,

Arbitrator2: g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999

How longer should we expect a response? Have a dispute that needs attention.
Thank you.

Today Im having trouble with connection, please wait. should be resolved soon

I also have a dispute, been waiting longer than 24hrs for arbitrator to address. Trade ID 8231017

we are having technical issues, please hold, should be over soon

please go on the dispute and press Cmd + o and I should be able to see it again. thank you