Available non-BSQ balance

I’m trying to figure out why I have a non-zero balance under “Available non-BSQ balance (BTC)”.

I do have other BSQ balance that shows correctly (under “Available for spending”), and the non-BSQ balance I see is quite small (0.0007 BTC).

I followed the instruction suggested here:

and here:

to resync the DAO state, and also to rebuild the DAO state (seems to me that it does the same thing).

Initially I indeed had the message “Your local data is not in consensus with at least one seed node. Please resync the DAO state.” but now I don’t see it anymore, and still I have the same issue.

I recovered my wallet on a different computer, and I see the same non-BSQ amount over there as well.

Not sure if this field has any relation with compensation requests (as suggested on issue 3493 a the the bisq repo on github).
I once asked for a compensation request, which I edited afterwards. So practically I had 2 requests, the older one with 0 BSQ requested (and was not approved).

When you create a compensation request you send some BTC from your bitcoin wallet to the BSQ wallet in the hope that they will become colored as BSQ during the vote. If your compensation request is rejected the BTC from the compensation request will reside in your BSQ wallet as BTC. You can send them as BTC to an external wallet or your BTC wallet in the Bisq app.