BSQ trade "Not recognized'

HI, I recently entered into a trade to buy some BSQ which I believed had completed successfully, i.e. I could see via a block explorer that the correct trade amount had been included in a block and was consensed. However when I later checked my BSQ Wallet transactions, the trade entry was labeled as ‘Not recognized’ and the BSQ amount do not appear in my ‘Available for spending’ balance. But I have noticed that there is an amount within the wallet under ‘Available non-BSQ balance (BTC)’ that appears (to me at least) to be the BTC amount representing the BSQ tokens. So do I now have to somehow convert this amount to BSQ tokens?

I’ve tried searching this forum for similar issues and I found one that suggested going into the ‘Settings / Network Info’ and then click on ‘DELETE SPV FILE AND RESYNC’. I’ve tried this and shutdown and reopened bisq several times, but no luck.

I should add this is only my 2nd attempt at buying BSQ. The first time (a few months ago) went without a hitch, and so I am aware this could well be a case of Operator error :slightly_smiling_face:.

Any thoughts or suggestions how to resolve would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I’m running bisq v1.3.4

It sounds like you need to resync the DAO. Under settings, rebuild dao from resources should help.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give that a go. Before I go ahead and click that button, is there anything that perhaps I should be aware of? Any steps prior or after that I should complete?

As a precaution I’m going to first empty my BTC bisq wallet, then backup bisq.

It’s always a good idea to take a backup of your data directory from time to time, and this is a typical time I would say.

Ok thanks, will do.

@sqrrm issue resolved. You were right, clicking on ‘Rebuild DAO State from Resources’ did the trick. My BSQ balance is now reading as expected. Good to know for the future.
Thanks very much for your help, much appreciated.

Welcome to bisq! I’m glad you got this worked out, as the BSQ tokens certainly do help keep trade fees down.