Beginner question about CurrencyFair and SEPA account

Hello all,

please forgive my question, but I am still relatively new, and trying to learn the ropes.

1: I have a CurrencyFair account, which I would like to use. As payment methde it is not stored, can I possibly create it somehow (eg as SEPA or “transfer of certain banks”)? From the procedure it is the same as a normal bank account, I can transfer money to any other bank, in any currency.

2: My deposited account is a Euro account, but I can also send money to a USD account. If I could buy EUR and USD, I would have access to more potential trades. Does it make sense to create the account twice, i.e. with one currency each?

Thank you in advance for your time and answers.



  1. You need to be able to send or receive a SEPA transfer to use your CurrencyFair as this kind of payment method. I’m not aware if this is possible.
  2. As a new user, I think it’s better to keep it simple, so EUR only would be the best. Specially if SEPA is possible.

You might be a new user, but you might have found a good new payment method worth being implemented. Ask for it to be included here: New Payment Methods proposed for Bisq (Please comment on the ones you would like added)
That way I traders could send CurrencyFair-to-CurrencyFair instant and multicurrency transfers.

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I am not a fan of CurrencyFair due to lots of reasons for payment requests and slow payments. When I have used their support it was a negative experience and resulted in them sharing personal details of the counterparty that was surprising and worrying.

I have only had the opposite experience, the payments were faster than with my bank and the support was very helpful. I would think that any additional secure payment method is a win for BisQ.