Bisq crashed and I lost an open trade

My Bisq crashed during an opened trade. I was buying BTC, and had sent the payment when it happened (so I was waiting for the seller’s confirmation, and the BTC funds being transferred to me).

Then I couldn’t get to open Bisq anymore. It was just not responding (not showing any window or error message) and had to force quit before it could open every time.
I used a back up and Bisq started again, but now the open trade disappeared…

The security deposit and the transaction fees are not showing anymore in the locked funds, and they are listed in the Transactions tab as if they were withdrawn to another wallet (detail shows “withdrawn from wallet”).
Could the transaction be canceled even though I already went through the paiement process ? Or will the BTC funds show up in my wallet when the seller finalize the transaction ?
Not sure what to do as I cannot contact the seller or ask for a mediator (no open transaction).


Thanks for the post.

Please take a look at this post here: Bisq fails to launch. Windows 10 and other OS

There was a filter added that needs to be manually removed by the user to allow the Bisq app to successfully start.

Hopefully after removing the filter Bisq will load up for you.

If it does not fix it please reach out to Bisq on Keybase for support


Changing the file worked, thanks a lot !


No problems, glad it is sorted