Bisq: Transaction ID Not Found Bug

Have hit this bug before and support resolved the issue. However, this is the second time I am hitting this bug where the transaction ID is not found.

Does Bisq know the root cause of this bug? Is there any potential solution? It is a bit annoying to have to open the support ticket and wait for it to be cancelled then sent back each time.


  1. Trade is placed on the orderbook as a maker
  2. Someone accepts my trade
  3. Freezes on “wait for blockchain confirmation” since no transaction id can be found on the blockchain.

I’m not sure of the solution, but I had a similar problem yesterday as a buyer:

After contacting support, it did eventually confirm and move on to the next screen, but now I am stuck again. These two problems may be related.

You could open an issue on GitHub. Perhaps even send Manfred your log file via private message.