Bitsquare bounty: 0.5 BTC for new brand name


Happy last bounty day! Tomorrow the bounty closes and we will review all proposals. If you are still doubting whether you should post that name you’ve been holding on to, last chance to do it today. :slight_smile:
You don’t need to check if your proposal has already been posted, just shoot. We’ll take care of the rest.


Here are my proposals:





Here’s my suggestion.


It hints at ‘exchange’ in Dutch (wisselen), South-African (wissel) and German (wechselen). If you speak it out loud, it will grow on you. And stick.

It’s short, funny, modern, the double XX gives plenty of options to make a cool new logo (I even see the current one being reused!) and again: Say it out loud. It sticks. is still available, I just noticed. I think that makes it even cooler.




Thanks to everyone who submitted proposals and valuable discussion regarding the rebranding of Bitsquare! The aim of this bounty was to ask the community to help the Bitsquare team find a new name. The original deadline for the bounty was February 20, so the bounty is now officially closed. The result: we received 2000 unique proposals from 266 users! The team is now going through the entire list evaluating each name. To be honest, at a first glance it appears that many proposals are simply not a good fit for what we had in mind, but there are a number of names that come close to what we’re looking for.

In any case, your feedback and discussion was invaluable and we are grateful for the enthousiasm shown by the community. Therefore, the team has made a decision. Even if none of the proposals are selected, the bounty of 0.5 btc will still be distributed to those who we believe contributed the most “best names”. “Best” is here subjectively defined as proposals that have been positively evaluated by the team. Of course, none of that would matter if among the proposals we find a clear winner name, in which case that user will get the whole bounty, as promised.

We will announce the winner(s) shortly in an official blog post on We are still deliberating, so please have some patience and keep an eye on the blog!



Blog post is published and winners are announced there:


New name announced on the official blog: