Cash Deposit pre-confirmation dialog

When my offer was accepted bisq showed a dialog advising me that I should wait for an email with certain contents before confirming since the payment method was cash deposit. I dismissed the dialog. Time passed. Is there any way to get that dialog back?

afaik, Bisq itself doesn’t use email to communicate with users. It’s all thru the appli.

Which Bisq version do you use ? (last one is v1.1.1)
Which OS ?

If you could remember some exact piece of the dialog, it would be findable in the UI texts.

I refer to the seller dialog shown in this thread:

How can I make that dialog pop up again?

Which Bisq version do you use ? (last one is v1.1.1)
Which OS ?

1.1.1 on Ubuntu.

afaik, this dialog box appears just once.
So, there is no way to bring it back.
But, if you’re interested on the informations which it contained, those should all be seeable in Portfolio/History/trade details.
Is this trade finished ? or in dispute ?

If the dialog only appears once, was there any point in asking which OS I’m running?

The trade is not finished, I am awaiting that email from the buyer. The trade is not yet in History. Trades from last year which are in History and used Cash Deposit don’t show any mention of things like “NO REFUNDS” on the receipt in the trade details.

I will suggest the ability for buyer or seller to recall that dialog as a feature.