Deposit transaction ID blank after ID not showing in Explorer (v1.5.1)

Hi there,

I had and deposit transaction ID which was not found in Block Explorer so I deleted and resync the SPV file and now it complains saying: “The maker fee transaction for offer with ID xxxx is invalid. Transaction ID=xxxx. Please go to Settings/Network info and do a SPV resync.”

So I did another re-sync and now it still comes back with the same error but also the deposit transaction ID has disappeared. It’s completely blank.

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Hi, could you post here, in plain text, the maker and taker deposit tx ID?

Maker fee transaction ID: private info
Taker fee transaction ID: private info

having the same exact issue. deposit transaction was not posted to mempool after 36 hours, did SPV resync and now deposit tx ID is blank

Maker tx failed to broadcast. Your trade has failed because there’s no deposit tx so it can’t continue. As you were the maker, there’s no need for trading fee reimbursement.
To make the funds displayed as locked available again, you have to re-import the seed into your Bisq wallet. First, make sure you have a backup of the current Bisq directory. Failed trade - locked fund - #10 by huey
Version 1.5.2, which is at pre-release, should fix this issue. Release v1.5.2 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

Check at a blockchain explorer if the maker and taker trading fee tx has been broadcasted.

Maker fee has been broadcasted but not the Taker fee

Re-import seed then, as explained in the previous post. Sorry this is happening, it should be fixed at v1.5.2 which is at pre-release.

Thanks MnM. I have made tried to restore the wallet but that didn’t change anything. I have then installed v1.5.2 and managed to move to trade as a failed trade.

I still have 0.006 btc locked however.

Any ideas how I can solve this ? I have lodge the issues in GitHub too.

I’m happy to hear that moving to failed trades is working again, but funds to be still locked is not expected. You could send the logs at Keybase, or try again re-importing the seed.

Someone replied to my issue raised on GitHub asking for my BTC address. Hopefully it’ll be refunded soon. Thanks again for your help.