Deposit Transaction Not Confirming

Hello, I opened a trade about 2 days ago to purchase BTC. I put in my security deposit of 0.03 BTC, but I am still waiting for the blockchain confirmation.

It says:
Deposit transaction has been published.
You need to wait for at least one blockchain confirmation before starting the payment.
The deposit transaction still did not get confirmed.
That might happen in rare cases when the funding fee of one trader from the external wallet was too low.

When sending the deposit, the fee was 0.002 BTC which at the time was about $27. I am not sure how I could have changed the satoshis/byte setting for sending the security deposit. In the settings tab, there is a withdrawal transaction fee that was set to 190 at the time of the trade, and it was the default. I did not change this value. Will I lose my security deposit if this trade does not go through? I currently have 1 day and 20 hours left. Thank you.

You will not lose your security deposit. If you were at 190 sat/byte, your tx will probably confirm on its own within the next few days. You can also consider using the free ViaBTC tx accelerator at (please let me know if it works for you, though. We’ve had issues getting any transactions accepted there lately).

In any case, if the trade window closes, you’ll have the option to go to arbitration. You can do that, and I (or @keo) will work with you and your counterparty to complete this trade in whatever way makes the most sense.

Ok thank you for your reply. I tried using the transaction accelerator, but I received the following message:

Submissions are beyond limit. Please try later.

I will keep trying it throughout the day. I currently have 1 day and 7 hours left.

Thank you.

You should try that accelerator on the full hour for example at 16:00 and try to be quick as the limit quickly fills up.

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Is it normal that when I try to add my transaction ID under the paid accelerator that is says transaction ID not found? When I look up my transaction id on the blockchain explorer it also says that the transaction ID is not found. I can pm the mods my transaction id if needed.

No, that is not normal. This means that your transaction wasn’t published. Perhaps @ManfredKarrer can help you more here.

It seems like your deposit transaction was not published (or was rejected by the nodes for some reason).

Thanks for letting me know. I guess I will just wait for his reply. The only thing I did differently this time was I created a new bisq account and deleted my old one because I changed banks. I also did a software update to version 0.6.3

Hi, so my trade was sent to arbitration, but the arbitor just said the following:

You are right. The transactions failed due to a bug. Please check:
in particular the fourth comment (by cbeams, I will likely close this dispute soon.

So does this mean the trade has been cancelled? I am still showing that 0.03 BTC is locked in trades even though the security deposit transaction was not included in a block. How do I move the funds locked in trades back to my available balance in Bisq? Thank you.

I assume that dispute wasn’t closed yet. Perhaps you should wait a bit until it is closed.

I am not sure where the BTC are in this case, perhaps they never left your wallet due to unconfirmed confirmation. Maybe you will need to delete SPV file in future or use the emergency wallet tool or even export your private keys, but for now perhaps you just need to wait for the dispute to be closed.

Ok thank you. The dispute has not been closed, but I have not heard back from the arbitrator in a day, and he just said he was going to close the dispute soon without really saying what the next steps would be, so I am not sure if he just left or what? I just feel like I’m left hanging around. I will wait for the dispute to be closed.

I am not sure, maybe the arbitrator is really busy with similar issues.
We should probably wait for the dispute to be over.

If you have transaction ids of Bitcoin transactions, you should be able to see if your funds ever left your wallet and are locked in a multisig. That way we can be sure on the protocol level where your funds are.

I don’t think the security deposit ever left my wallet because I cannot find the transaction id in the block explorer. But I am just wondering why it says that 0.03 BTC is locked in trades. I was thinking of reinstalling Bisq or the wallet, but I did not want to risk messing anything up and losing the security deposit for whatever reason.

Then there is nothing to worry about, you can always export your private keys and get your security deposit back or try using emergency wallet tool with cmd+e. But waiting for the dispute to be closed is seems like the best course of action here.

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