Deposit Transaction Still Did Not Get Confirmed

Help! It appears that the Taker and Tx Fee and the Multisig Deposit did not get confirmed. I have only 2 hrs and 22 mins before the Trade expires; should I Open a Support Ticket now?
By looking at TradeBlock I noticed that 1 of the 2 Outputs are listed as Non-Standard, is there a problem there?

See Unconfirmed deposit Tx: Don't panic

So “don’t panic” means wait?

Yes. Please have a bit patience. We increased already the fee estimation, but it is hard to find the right balance of not overpaying the miners and not getting delayed.

Manfred, I have now confirmations finally.
However, my trade has expired so when I look in my portfolio and click on “Start Payment” nothing happens.
Do I wait for the arbitrator to “re-set” the trade or is there another method to complete the trade?


You can always open the dispute with cmd+o. That might be the right way to deal with this.

Hi @christoph , just another UX suggestion regarding the type of issue in this thread:

After time has expired (or is approaching expiration) on a trade, both traders could be presented with automated options to:

  1. Request trade cancellation
  2. Request extend trading time by 1 day
  3. Open dispute

If both contractual parties agree to 1 or 2, the system can proceed in automated mode without the need for arbitration.

Email notification would really be handy for these kinds of situations too. I know this is complicated for security / anonymity reason, but an easy early solution could just be to allow a user to enter smtp details for their own server. This will allow more technical users to have a valuable feature until a more generic solution is found.


Hi @citkane!

Great feedback again! I think we should involve you more into the development process :wink:

@Notifications: This is also a very important topic, we are investigating at the moment.
See: &

If you want to get more involved into Bisq, feel free to join any of our slack channels (e.g. #ux - )