Dispute is not visible from arbitrators 2 side

On May 21, I opened a dispute with ID352570.
I bought btc and already paid the amount, only the counterparty could not confirm this because he was on vacation and not aware of this open trade.
I already spoke with arbitrator 2 to resolve the dispute but from his side it is not visible !!

Can someone help with that who has experienced something similar?

To get things clear. You sent the the fiat amount but have yet to receive the BTC amount back?

yes, but for some reason I can’t see the dispute from my side, I told him to press cmd + o but its not working.

@l33t831 @EV1 @Arbitrator2
I assume this is the trade?

It seems that it could be solved by following these steps.


It assume that a trade dispute has already been opened, arbitrated and closed.
In my case, the trade dispute is stil not closed but OPEN.
Thats the difference.


But the payout transaction hasn’t been broadcast be cause @l33t831 wasn’t online at the dispute time.
You should be able to get the public and private key to the trade in order to manually sign the payout transaction along with @Arbitrator2

In which way can I obtain the public and private key of the transaction?

You can find your public key to the multisig in the trade json file, at the end: It’s the “BuyerMultiSigPubKeyHex:”. Copy that to a text editor document.
Next press ctrl+j inside Bisq and a popup will appear with all your public keys. Click “include private keys”, copy to clipboard and paste into another text editor document.
Now you should be able to copy your BuyerMultiSigPubKeyHex and search in the second text editor document for its private key with ctrl+f.


thanks for THE INFO
i found BuyerMultiSigPubKeyHex:

But i had no password wallet on bisq and could not open the Wallet Data dialog with crtl-j.

so no i can not give you the DeterministicKey{pub HEX="…​" .
Is there a other method to find it?


the way to obtain it shown in the instructions I believe is the only way, but maybe I’m wrong. Since I can’t see the dispute myself I need you to access the key. You do have the latest version of Bisq installed right?

When pressing ctrl+j nothing happens on your Bisq software?

yes and yes on de second question.

Dude, you’re having all kinds of problems.

  • http://gobittest.appspot.com/Address - with this tool you can skip step 0 and paste your public key on step 1 in order to get it’s address
    In order to get access to that private key you can use the following tools:
  • https://iancoleman.io/bip39/ - Do this offline for safety. Here you can paste your wallet’s seed phrase and rediscover all your addresses and private keys. Find the address that you discovered on the step above and get it’s private key

thanks for the the support.

i only found the BuyerMultiSigPubKeyHex: 02726010d4ad9d5d13d55dba6b4d8c1a47e23518e59ee43ca4ade046f436ae1a3e

But i had no password wallet on bisq and could not open the Wallet Data dialog with crtl-j.

You don’t need a password on the wallet for ctrl+j to work.

ok, but crtl + j doesn’t work on my PC.

Well, since you do have the public key used for the multisig you can follow the steps outlined here to find the private key.

I fear that I will need more explanation to fill in correctly.
Do I have to delete all windows and fill them in again using the json format?
Can I generate my private key with the first part?
Do I also have to finish the 2nd part?


I can’t understand your questions. What windows? You don’t have to generate no new private key. What second part?