Endless synchronisation during start


I have a local Bitcoin node (v0.18) running, also on a Raspberry Pi on the same network.
However, I can’t get the Bisq client to run. Unfortunately I seemed to have made the ‘mistake’ in believing deleting the SPV file helps, but it didn’t (most likely causing me an even longer wait now).

The startup seems to hang in an endless loop displaying:
“Bitcoin network peers: 0 / Synchronizing with Bitcoin Mainnet (localhost): 1.00%”
(network peers constantly flashes between “0” and “1”)

And excerpt of the logfile looks like there seems to be a connection problem, I just have no idea why this should happen?

Juli-17 13:02:56.597 [TorControlParser] DEBUG o.b.n.tor.Tor: CircuitStatus: 196 BUILT $20462CBA5DA4C2D963567D17D0B7249718114A68~scaletor,$D80EA21626BFAE8044E4037FE765252E157E3586~bonjour1,$471E992DD3D5ADB9DA19B039F88EEAD97606A35F~Rudeboy,$0A7208B8903DD3FF5CDFA218A3823AF498CE69CE~FalkensteinTor02 
Juli-17 13:02:56.874 [TorControlParser] DEBUG o.b.n.tor.Tor: CircuitStatus: 202 LAUNCHED  
Juli-17 13:02:57.128 [PeerGroup Thread] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Attempting connection to []:8333     (0 connected, 1 pending, 1 max) 
Juli-17 13:02:57.130 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.n.NioClientManager: Connected to / 
Juli-17 13:02:57.130 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: Announcing to / as: /bitcoinj:0.14.7.bisq.1-SNAPSHOT/Bisq:1.1.3/ 
Juli-17 13:02:57.131 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: []:8333: Got version=70015, subVer='/Satoshi:0.18.0/', services=0x1037, time=2019-07-17 13:02:59, blocks=585784 
Juli-17 13:02:57.131 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: []:8333: New peer      (1 connected, 0 pending, 1 max) 
Juli-17 13:02:57.131 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Setting download peer: []:8333 
Juli-17 13:02:57.132 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.l.DownloadProgressTracker: Chain download switched to []:8333 
Juli-17 13:02:57.141 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.core.Peer: Passed the fast catchup time (2017-07-11T22:51:06Z) at height 475375, discarding 2000 headers and requesting full blocks 
Juli-17 13:02:57.198 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: []:8333: Peer died      (0 connected, 0 pending, 1 max) 
Juli-17 13:02:57.199 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Download peer died. Picking a new one. 
Juli-17 13:02:57.199 [NioClientManager] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Unsetting download peer: []:8333 
Juli-17 13:02:57.199 [PeerGroup Thread] INFO  o.b.c.PeerGroup: Waiting 1000 msec before next connect attempt to []:8333 
Juli-17 13:02:57.324 [TorControlParser] DEBUG o.b.n.tor.Tor: CircuitStatus: 202 EXTENDED $20462CBA5DA4C2D963567D17D0B7249718114A68~scaletor

Please have a look at Bitcoin Core pruned mode
If you have a bitcoin node installed, it must NOT run in pruned mode, otherwise there will be issues.

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Hi Homard,

thanks for your reply.

As far as I can tell, my node doesn’t run in pruned mode
(“prune block storage” is unchecked in the node’s options window)

And here are some of my bitcoin.conf settings:

thanks, pete

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…anyone? :face_with_thermometer:

Try to turn off your Bitcoin Node, start Bisq and go to Settings->Network info and check “Use custom Bitcoin Core nodes” and write the IP address of your node. Also uncheck “Use Tor for Bitcoin network”. Shut down Bisq. Turn on your node, let it sync and then launch Bisq.