Error on first bisq BTC buy

Any help please?

An error occurred at task: BuyerAsTakerSignAndPublishDepositTx
Exception message: Maker’s transaction output for the contract hash is not matching takers version.

Can you PM me the log file? Also can you post the offer ID, currency, price? Don’t try to take that offer again, will probably fail again. Do you have latest 0.5.3 version installed?

Yes, thanks for your quick reply. It’s v0.5.3.

Trade ID: lf6azb-529282b2-a913-4e8e-99cf-2e82bae33d4f-053
Trade is 92.42 GBP for 0.02 BTC (rate of 4621).

I’ll PM you the log now. Are you able to explain roughly what the error means in layman’s terms?

Hi there, this was my sell offer.

Not sure if this will be of any help but I also have version 0.5.3 installed and the error message given was “A timeout occurred.”.

Let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks for the help, it might be worth PMing ManfredKarrer your log file too?

Not a problem.

Good idea, just PMed him.

In the trade process both users create a contract containing all relevant trade data and verify each others contract if they are the same. The error occurred because some data are different. That is likely caused due a bug with a past update where some data are represented slightly different (null objects omitted or represented as empty string). With v. 0.5.2. there was such an issue ans I assume that is still a relict from that (maybe offer was created with that version or peer has that version).

Great thanks! that helps a lot to have both traders logs available. i will check them soon.

Just checked the log but the failing contract is not logged in that version (added a log for next release).

@arbitraryid: did you create that offer with the 0.5.3 version? did u had installed the 0.5.2 version (there was a problem in that version). do u remember with which version u had set up the payment account?

@zedzeroth: do u remember with which version u had set up the payment account?

@arbitraryid is your offer still online? just checked and did not see it. i wanted to try to take it myself so see if the contract fails as well. i would trigger a failure on my side so your offer would still be there, just causing a failure on my side… if u dont have the offer anymore, could u set up a new offer with a very bad price so nobody takes it and let me know the offer ID so i can try to take it so debug the issue?

I created that offer with v0.5.3.

I initially installed it back when it was called bitsquare, stopped using it for a while then installed bisq, and looking at ~/.local/share/Bisq/bisq.log v0.5.3 was the only version I used, but I could well have installed a previous version of bisq, I’m not too sure.

What do you mean by payment account?

When I went back to Bisq after the offer was taken the trade status was failed and my available balance still had the trade amount taken off of it, so I restarted Bisq and my balance had updated. I’ve created a new offer with ID 05800-c019688e-c1cc-4696-8e3d-c0319daeceb3-053

I’m pretty sure everything I’ve done has been on v0.5.3 as I only installed bisq for the first time about a week ago.

Is it a GBP offer? I cannot see any.

It was just taken, was that you?

Not me… :slight_smile:

Yes. I let it fail on my side so the offer should be still there. The 2 contracts have been the same. So it seems the issue was either with the old offer only or its on the peers (zedzeroth) side.

@zedzeroth: if you want we can also make a test to see if the contract matches. if you create a offer with a bad price so nobody takes it and let me know the currnecy/offer ID i can try to take it to check if the contract matches or not.

But I guess that means that the error was at my end?

Maybe, or maybe it was from the old offer. I could not reproduce those issues, but got a few reports, so there is some bug somewhere.

Sorry, I can’t do it now and may not be able to do it for a while as I’m just about to take my family on holiday. Possibly today or within the next couple of days… I have to leave right now! Thanks for the help.

No worry, ping me when you can… thanks for your support!