How anonymous is a Bisq trade

To buy BTC on Bisq you need BTC already say in Exodus or Atomic wallet. This is a catch22, a major deterrent to possible new users like me.
To get BTC in UK/Europe you need to give passport/ID for even small amounts, even if cash.

So my question is about anonymity: how traceable is a BTC purchase via fiat transaction through Bisq assuming I have bought via credit card with ID uploaded?

To fund the purchase I transfer from my external wallet address to the trading wallet address in Bisq. The purchased BTC arrives in my Bisq wallet address.
So is it afterwards possible to trace, from the blockchain, my external wallet address(and thus my passport) to the trading address and then to the Bisq wallet address ?
Or is the link somehow broken at the trading address in Bisq?

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Of course the link is not broken. Moreover, trading at Bisq leaves your BTC tainted. It’s possible to see on the blockchain that your BTC were traded at Bisq.

If you’re worried just borrow some BTC from a friend.

Or you can use mixers which will try to hide the origins of your coins. I recommend Samourai Wallet.

Fair point, that’s why there are a lot of suggestions for “beginner trades”, special trades for small amounts - without security deposit and less risk (+ high premiums) for the seller.

An example would be this thread:

If you don’t have access to an ATM: For now, I’d suggest that you buy on a centralized exchange, send the funds to Wasabi Wallet, CoinJoin them and then you can list your first trade.

Lol and the worst case would be that your friend is in trouble because of your BTC trade + he’ll snitch on you then?