How long does 1st transaction take

how long does the first transaction take generally? i have had a .01 order open for days now and i cant seem to get anything going…i tried chase quickpay and now im trying ZELLE but no clue whats going on? any idea how long this takes generally?

Is your offer the best in terms of percentage from market price for offers around 0.01 BTC. If so I think it would take less than a day.

less than a day!? well then i must be doing something wrong…please take a look at the following regarding my offer

offer type - BTC Buyer…
.01 btc
min .01 btc
deposit .0060 btc
seller deposit .0060

let me know if you need other details??? thanks again

after i put my buy order in, is there anything else that needs to be done? i still have a pending open order at 0% deviation…this is frustrating the hell out of me

replied here: No1 taking my offer