How to add your favorite altcoin?



Added for next release…


Added for next release…


I added those coins so far:
Augur (REP), ZCoin, Pluton, Digital Rupees, Vcash, HOdlcoin, Burstcoin, Triangles, Argentum, DIBCOIN
Are u aware of any other I might have misses (for Siafund and Battlestars i wait for a reply from the requester)


XVC, HODL and PLU are already in my code. I am looking into Boolberry right now, their new dev has been pleading on BitcoinTalk for it to be added. Especially after XMR went down …



Thanks very much!


CryptoNote coins need same feature like Monero to get added (tx key,…), otherwise the arbitrator cannot verify the tx (not visible on the blockchain).


Not a good idea to use Monero in combination with a flawed trust model (centralized dark markets). People need to learn by getting burned…


I’ll get back to you about that.


waiting for multiig to hit and then hardly nobody to offer it :slight_smile:


Re Boolberry, 1blockologist replied on bitcointalk:

Yeah I’ve been making progress on this

a version of this site needs to exist for Boolberry. It allows auditing of transactions. I’ve talked to the owner of that site, and they use an api from moneroblocks that communicates to the monero network. There is no api like that for boolberry yet so we would have to spin up our own service

So here is what is going to happen and needs to happen:

- Run boolbd on a server

- Create a process that communicates to the boolbd daemon, I plan to experiment with this in node.js

- Use express to make api endpoints to a client side app created in html

Blockchain Development Company is in Microsoft’s Bizspark program, so this instance will go on Azure

This can also be an open source project, so the layout of the html and the node.js processes can be contributed to.

The primary questions are how easily will it be to get boolbd to behave in communicating with the node.js process, but I’ll just look at what simplewallet does. Something something limited RPC commands.

After that server is up and running then we go talk to Manfred, and Boolberry gets listed on Bitsquare.


Would like to see Clams added, it’s on the first page at CoinMarketCap and seems to get plenty of activity. Has also been around a while and is stable.


Feel free to add a request with the required data…


Thank you for adding Dibcoin



Added for next release… Altcoin nr. 98


Now I’m inspired to add two more so we can top the 100. :wink:

What’s next on the CMC list?

*15. Waves. Essentially a trading platform, and centralized. Nope.
*17. Emercoin. Yup.
*18. Peerplays. Tournament management and wagering platform. Nope.
*19. Stellar. Yup.