How to add your favorite altcoin?



Next coin to be considered in CMC list order is #24 SingularDTV


Added, strange name/ticker combination.


Added for next release.


Cool so we have 100 altcoins now :slight_smile:


Some exchanges still use XLM, some use STR. Poloniex calls their coin “Stellar” but the official website calls it Lumens (a measure of light). It is a bit confusing.

Yes, we now have 100! Woo-hoo!


is NAVcoin on the list?


That’s #48 on CMC so we haven’t got there yet. If you fill out the data Manfred might be tempted to add it.


I have question for you. How can I view the added coins, like DIBCOIN on Bitsquare?

Also, do you have link to the PR?

Thank you for the hard work you guys are doing over at bitsquare!!


You’ll be able to see all the new coins when v0.4.9.7 is released. No individual PR for Dibcoin, it was part of a batch of work Manfred did. All those changes are in the Development branch of the github repository at present.

BTW we’re aware of your meeting, but these things take time and I think Manfred might still be suffering jetlag.


Ticker symbol: DNET
Official coin name: DarkNet
Official website:
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:
URL of the block explorer:
Example address: DPQabewFmgSFxAtZPKszNKb2E6eHqPfJt5
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with Confirmed
Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:
Coin type: Bitcoin/Dash Core
Exchanges to verify activity:
Ranking on CoinMarketCap:
Unique features: PoSv3, Masternode Network, Anon
My official connection: Dev


This is insufficient information, plase see the OP at the top or some of the examples I’ve posted above for what is required. Eventually this will go into a database for the use of the Arbitrators.

Edit: Thanks, that’s a great improvement. :slight_smile:


What is the typical time frame for new alts meeting all the requirements to be added?


It’s variable depending on when the next release comes out. The above changes should be available within a few days.


Sounds good… :slight_smile:


Will there be a filter so that the set of alts can be restricted in the UI to that ones which are of interest to the user in all screens?


In the next version the old behaviour that the user defined list in the settings is used in the offer book screens will be used again. So u can define in the settings whcih currencies are in the dropdown (like atm only used for the market price list).


does it mean the list effects all dialogs? that would be very helpful if more than 100 currencies are available


Which dialogs? The list is only used in the Buy and Sell screen.
In the market page and trade statistics page we stick with the current version to show whats in the data (show all coins which have offers/trades).


yeah - with “dialogs” I mean the many dropdowns with a currently endless list of cryptos which will become even longer

another point would be to preset these dropdowns to the setting from the top dropdown which shows the current exchange rate

from my POV the only screen which should not be filtered and list all cryptos is Markts->Spreads


Will be added to next release