How to improve support?

We need to improve and standardize support.

Outside of the Bisq software, users in trouble need to be able to find arbitrators, mediators and support staff in a single platform. So any Bisq contributor performing any of the roles above should have an account on this platform.

The main candidates are

@Arbitrator2 @arbitrator1 @keo @Homard

Relevant critique from @Neutrino

After what we discussed on Telegram, I agree that there’s a need to consolidate support tickets in one place, and github is my main option.
Anyway, there’s a certain need to give casual support to newcomers that doesn’t want or need to open a ticket support for small issues, so closing all the current channels (like telegram, twitter or reddit) where people is asking for support might not be the best.

In order to reduce the requirements for support staff while still having presence in different platforms, we might close Telegram group and substitute it by a Telegram channel instead. A channel produces messages one way only, from Bisq Admin to channel subscribers.

I don’t think we need to close any of the current chat/forum platforms but rather have the main ones where traders can find arbitrators, mediators and support named on the documentation, website and the software. These would be the platforms named in the “Need help?” message you get inside a trade.