I can't get my Locked BTC

I have a 0.03 BTC locked in cyberspace / cryptospace. I’m attaching the messages from Bisq that I took screenshots of that explain the situation. This was on an old trade in 2018, but now 0.03 BTC is worth a lot more and it’s still locked. I literally didn’t know where this forum was until today as I originally thought the forum was somehow connected to the Bisq application. Let me know if you need me to post the transaction ID or something like that. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Sounds like an issue for the folks higher up.

As there’s been many changes since 2018, the best would be to import your seed wallet into a new Bisq instance.

Thanks for your replies.

at the bottom of Bisq app it says v1.5.4

So you mean delete my app Bisq, then install it again, and “restore wallets from seed words” under Account - Wallet menu?

Or can I just restore now without deleting the app?

Or something else? I don’t know what “Bisq instance” means.

You can try this. Keep your backup in case something goes wrong

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