I can't use the BSQ that I bought

I bought BSQ, but can’t figure out how to use it for the life of me. See screenshots below. Please help.


Help please. Thank you.

“Available for spending” in the first picture should not be 0.00 BSQ. There’s a confirmed trade but it’s “not recognized”, so something happens there.
I think that you should resynchronize your DAO state at Network Monitor / DAO State or resync your SPV file, until there’s no funds displayed at the “transactions” tab you won’t be able to spend BSQ.

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This is likely due to an issue we found a while back. As MnM says, do the DAO state resync. SPV resync should not be needed.

Your client isn’t able to see that the BSQ you have are actually BSQ, so it’s showing as “available non-BSQ balance”. Once you have done the DAO state resync those coins will be recognized as colored BSQ and the “available non-BSQ balance” field disappear. Do not transfer them as BTC as that would likely burn the BSQ.


I think that you should remove the pictures as they contain kind of sensitive and personal data.

My other problem now is that, I cant seem to successfully sync. I’ve pressed “RESYNC DAO STATE” 3 separate times, and over the past 24 hours, and it still says. “Your local data is not in consensus with at least one seed node. Please resync the DAO state.”


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@friedrice05 I see that you are on version 1.3.2. Perhaps updating to the 1.3.4 version may help resolve this issue?

You have to check: DAO -> NETWORK MONITOR -> DAO state -> status