Interac eTransfer Chargeback in Canada

I AM the Seller of the BTC in all these cases.

I got a chargeback on a trade in Canada. The chargeback never hit my bank account. I didn’t know about this until my next 5 trades bounced. I had to call the bank to find out why.

Arbitrators have a 20% failure rate on returning the Bitcoins correctly.

Currently I am out approx $800CAD among two trades and my bank account is currently locked from receiving Interac Etransfers.

Bank wants me to provide proof that we had a transaction in order to get my bank account unlocked.

I explained this to one of the arbs and he suggested I never tell the bank I am trading Bitcoins.

What you suggestions on what to do for someone in my case?

BISQ has cost me over $800CAD and big ----ing headache.

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So I double checked all my evidence and I found these three different onion addresses among the 6 trades, all of which are appearing fraudulent. I did 2 trades with each address before I realized they are just changing the name of the account.

Each case has some kind of problem with the trade.


Arbitrators should always be returning BTC correctly, if they are not sure they should remain locked. Could you please tell us more about the cases where they made a wrong choice and why?

It should be provable if the other peer has sent the payment and without it arbitrators shouldn’t be returning no BTC unless you agree with the other peer.

For those interested in the score:

Since March 30, 2019, among 6 trades

I’ve spent
0.4922248 BTC on deposits trying to sell
0.00340318 BTC on tx/mining fees

Received back
0.3620248 on deposits returned with no award
0.0049152 BTC on 2 disputes awarded to me

0.0564 BTC to stolen bank account or Chargeback fraud (CAD Chargeback pending)
0.0738 BTC to incorrect arbitrator dispute resolution

For a NET LOSS of 0.12868798 BTC to me.

The arbitrator did not wait for my response and awarded the fraudulent party the BTC and both security deposits.

It was over the Easter Weekend and so I was away from the computer for 3 days with my family and could not respond in time.

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Please let me know what other questions you have about any of these cases.

I kept detailed notes on everything including voice recordings of calls to the bank fraud department who are demanding evidence that I’m not the scammer since all of a sudden all these fraudulent transfers are showing up to my email address.

To reiterate:

I have 1 BISQ trade go through (which then went chargeback at the bank after 3 weeks)
5 more trades which appear to be all scammers (same guy?, I don’t know but at max there’s 3 different guys)
2 were disputed, returned and awarded
2 were disputed, returned with no awarded
1 was disputed, then mistakenly awarded to the fraudulent buyer

I received no funds except the first which is now in chargeback.

All the rest failed to deposit to my bank account and my bank account is locked from receiving Interac.

I am in Canada.

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After opening a dispute, you have 48 hours following an interaction with the arbitrator to respond. You can request a reimbursement on

Is this a joke to you?

I’m informing you of Bisq’s process you seemed to be ignorant of. And rereading my previous answer, I don’t see any humor implied.
This how arbitration goes :
And this is where you request for reimbursement of trade fees you defend that belong to you:

Thanks for reporting the issues. Can you please post the arbitrators onion address for all disputes and the trade IDs? There might have been differnet arbitrators.
We will block those onion addresses but as it seems they changed onion address (assuming it is one scammer) i fear we need to block Interac until the new software version is deployed with additional security features.

Ill post everything, you asked in a sec.

Please answer, what do you all suggest I to tell the bank in response to their request for evidence of transactions?

We cannot giver much advice here. You have to tell what they ask for and proof your case. If you can avodi mentioning Bitcoin or Bisq it is better but probably not possible.

Hi Manfred,

Here are the onions for the arbitrators. Looks like there was only 2 total.

The only one decision I’m unhappy with is the 59079169 because I couldn’t get back to the PC in under 48 hours from whenever the arbitrator decides to reply.

464532 my4t3kedin7k63a6.onion:9999 trade+deposit returned
yykig6im s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 trade+deposit awarded
097HV s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 trade+deposit returned
45543863 s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 trade+deposit awarded
59079169 s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 trade+deposit lost


Do you know what 404 means? No?

It means something is missing… like your compassion, open-mindedness and your ability to check the links before you post asinine comments.

Sorry, the correct link is

Please guys stay respectful. People are here to help!

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Under the transaction 59079169, I sent you the funds and did not take them back. They called me from the bank and told about fraud with your accounts and that the Interac 635437132 transaction was blocked until the bank found out the circumstances.

Thanks for reporting. So seems that was a false positive… There are still 2 other suspicious cases and before those are not identifies as false positives we keep the ban for Interac active to avoid that the potential scammer can continue.

LNDN: 1) yea i’m not sure why BISQ community people have been promoting Interac E-transfer so much, that it’s safe from chargebacks, it’s not. If the bank account holder reports that they were hacked to their bank, their bank will reverse the payment!
2) did you require a selfie from the buyer with: i) themselves ii) holding photo of their ID iii) holding paper saying the date , that they are buying from username on BISQ, for x amount of BTC , for x amount of FIAT ? this is the general accepted protocol for Interac E-transfer

Manfred: why block Interac? why not just state in BISQ that Interac can be reversed, and that BTC seller needs to request selfie from buyer containing: i) selfie of the buyer’s face ii) holding gov ID in 1 hand, iii) holding in other hand, or on table, a paper note containing: date, userid’s of both parties, amount of BTC and fiat being transacted, that the transaction is taking place on BISQ