Lost Funding Deposits

I tried to buy 0.10 BTC & thought the system would take the funding fee automatically, by the time I realized that it had to be submitted manually hours had passed & the transaction timed out. When I clicked cancel a pop-up box said the fee would be returned to my account but it never arrived, I lost over £200. Contacted support 6 days ago but no reply & no one has been assigned to my case.

I funded another buy of 0.10 BTC & a message appeared: “Awaiting funding” the time limit for transaction was 4 days. I assumed that as the system had my bank details it would deduct the payment automatically, so I waited for the seller to transfer the BTC.

The transaction timed out & the seller opened a dispute, seems I had to pay from my bank account manually. I raised a ticket but could not see where to enter an explanation I never got a reply before anyway.

Years ago I used Localbitcoins to buy with no complaints, now all the sellers want extensive photo ID, I can find nowhere else to buy Bitcoin without ID. I am trying to learn & support the BISQ system but I am down over £400 with no support. Is there any way to recover my funds?

Not sure myself, Good Luck

I assume by funding deposits that you meant security deposits.

Perhaps this is some bug @ManfredKarrer could look into.

Hi @Dynamata, I am processing a backlog of these issues, and need as much help as I can get from users to expedite things. Please take a few minutes to provide me with the the following items, or as many of the following items as you can:

  • screenshot of your Portfolio->Failed screen
  • screenshot of the trade details / info (i) screen from any failed trade
  • paste the transaction hashes (maker / taker / deposit transactions) from that info screen
  • paste the transaction hashes of any other transactions you believe are relevant to this issue
  • screenshot of your Funds->Send funds screen
  • screenshot of your Funds->Transactions screen
  • specify the amount of BTC you believe you should be reimbursed

Please understand that due to the Christmas holidays and an upcoming conference, it may take me some time to get back about this. I will do my best to handle it as quickly as possible, though, and rest assured that we’ll get this worked out together. Thanks for your patience!

NOTE: please send the information above via PM (private message), as it’s not appropriate to share the details I’ve asked about here publicly. Thanks.

Thanks for the help, what is the most secure way to send the screen-shot images?


I would assume that most secure way is by sending an PGP encrypted email, but I am not sure about encryption of attachment in the emails. Maybe some mail clients do it and some don’t.

Either way, all that trouble of setting it up might not be necessary, but it all depends on how much you want to spend time on security.

PS: Alternatively, you can encrypt the screen-shot image yourself (exp. on Linux you have openssl program that can do this with arguments “enc -aes-256-cbc -in screen-shot.jpg -out screen-shot.jpg.aes”). Then you can send the key for those images over a PGP encrypted email.

What I meant was, how can I attach image files to these private messages? BBCode requires storing files on an image host which I don’t really want to do.

I can upload them to my Google Drive account & share the links, is that safe enough?

Well, if using the forum is safe enough for you without encrypting, then you should just be able to click that upload button when you are writing a message.

Hi @Dynamata,

I realize now that I made a mistake when I first read your description of the situation above. I thought you were experiencing a different kind of “timeout” issue than the one you were actually talking about.

Now that I’ve had some time to look back over the details of this case, I see a couple things. First, it sounds like you have (or at least had) arbitration ticket id QITYNPXN open with @keo. Have you corresponded with him there? Talking to him in the Bisq application under Support->Support Tickets is the place to work this situation out.

Did you get the files I sent?

I got it now. I answered in the PM. As said there for the first failed trade you can request refund from @cbeams.
The second successful trade attempt did not had software problems but you never sent the GBP and did not answer to the dispute. Sorry we cannot help in that case. Please watch out the demo video on our YouTube channels to get a better understanding how Bisq works.

Look forward to hearing the outcome of your recent challenges w/ Bisq. I know Bisq is working very hard to make things right. Best of luck. - Monkey Dime