Lost funds and Insufficient Money Exception

Hi, I am running Bisq v1.1.3. Yesterday I have accepted a trade (as BTC seller). First I was waiting for the confirmation of the fee and after that the trade balance was transferred to another account (I guess this is the multisig for the trade).

I didnt know that around that time my disk was 100% full. After accepting the trade, I decided to turn of Bisq until I receive the money on my account. When I turned Bisq on in the morning, there was no open trade in my portfolio, just the original offer being active.

When someone tries to take the offer now, Bisq shows me the Insufficient Money Exception (see attached screenshot). In my BIsq transaction history there is an outgoing transaction with the amount of BTC at the time when I accepted the trade.

Is there a way how to obtain the funds, or are they lost ?


Make a backup. And go to Settings > Network Info and Resync your SPV file. This may take sometime and consume lots of you computer’s CPU.

@huey Thanks. I just did that. The offer is still active (i decided its better not to touch it). However my balance is still missing the 0.027. I also see Reserved as 0.00 BTC and Locked as 0.00 BTC.

Anyone of the developers can maybe help out ? Maybe i should open a Github issue for this ? Thanks !

I’m not a develop. From my research it seems that it is a bug. The solution to some has been to delete the SPV file and restart twice, or to go to Account > Wallet Seed and restore the acount from the seed phrase.

Github issues:

Forum threads:

I have cancelled the offer and did another SPV delete & resync. Still didnt help me. I think the funds are now in an multisig account that was created for the trade. I can even see the transaction. But i have no idea how to retrieve them. I will open a github ticket for this.

The escrow address begins with a 3. If that’s the case, open a dispute so the arbitrator can send it back to you.

I find it odd that the transaction went through.

@huey: I does start with a 3. But thats maybe just a coincidence. How do i open a dispute when there is no trade to attach it to ? Im aware of the Ctrl + o, but since there was no trade (even though it looked like there is one) i have no idea where to start a dispute. Thanks so much for your help !

Try to talk directly to the arbitrator.