Maker and Deposit Transactions Failing


I’ve been using Bisq as much as possible over the last few weeks, however, I am finding a large portion of my trades are needing to have support tickets opened due to Maker and Deposit Transactions failing.

I have completed about 31 trades, 7 of which have had this issue. That’s about 23% of my total transactions.

These funds get locked for a few days while the support ticket is opened, reviewed and then closed.

Is this a known bug? Is there a log file I can send to someone to look into this? I really love the platform but these issues are killing it for me.


Having trouble with Dispute Payout funds

It does happen form time to time. You can send the log to @ManfredKarrer to take a look.


Sorry to hear that! Can you send me the log file? Do you have stable internet connection?


I was on the other end of this trade. Happened twice in a row. First time was maker fee not properly broadcasted, and second time my deposit transaction wasn’t broadcasted. Third time worked properly.

Edit: Where is the log file that I can send, Manfred?


Hello @lobt , on a linux OS, the bisq.log file is located at ~/.local/share/Bisq
(you must have “show hidden files” checked)


Thanks, sending the logs directly to Manfred


At Account/Backup there is a button