Maker and Deposit Transactions Failing

I’ve been using Bisq as much as possible over the last few weeks, however, I am finding a large portion of my trades are needing to have support tickets opened due to Maker and Deposit Transactions failing.

I have completed about 31 trades, 7 of which have had this issue. That’s about 23% of my total transactions.

These funds get locked for a few days while the support ticket is opened, reviewed and then closed.

Is this a known bug? Is there a log file I can send to someone to look into this? I really love the platform but these issues are killing it for me.


It does happen form time to time. You can send the log to @ManfredKarrer to take a look.

Sorry to hear that! Can you send me the log file? Do you have stable internet connection?

I was on the other end of this trade. Happened twice in a row. First time was maker fee not properly broadcasted, and second time my deposit transaction wasn’t broadcasted. Third time worked properly.

Edit: Where is the log file that I can send, Manfred?

Hello @lobt , on a linux OS, the bisq.log file is located at ~/.local/share/Bisq
(you must have “show hidden files” checked)

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Thanks, sending the logs directly to Manfred

At Account/Backup there is a button