My security deposit has not been refunded to me

My security deposit has not been refunded to me after the trade was failed and the dispute was closed.
The arbitrator of this trade said, “after the dispute is closed you should have all your funds as expected.”, but I haven’t received yet.
Please look into it.

[Trade ID]
[Trade date( UTC+9 )]
2019/08/01 19:35:00
[Security deposit]
[My role]

And I have one more question.
Will the trade fee( 48.00BSQ ) be refunded to me in this case?

You can find the arbitrators handles here. And you can issue a reimbursement compensation here.

I have emailed the arbitrator, thank you.

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The arbitrator of this trade(@keo) hasn’t responded to me for more than a week.
As to reimbursement of the trading fee( 48.00BSQ ), I will issue at the github page of bisq.
But I don’t know how to retrieve my security deposit.
Are there any way to do it?

I send him an email and wait a few more days, thank you.

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