National bank transfer (US)

How does the national bank transfer work? I have all of my bank information (routing number and Account number) what actions as the buyer would i need to take on my end to wire money to seller?

Better yet what’s the difference between cash deposit and national bank transfer? They both require the same information.

I have the same question

I believe that cash deposit is when you go to the other trader’s bank branch and deposit to their account in cash.
While national bank transfer depends on the country, I guess, but I assume it is actually transferring the money from one bank account to another with whatever the national system of bank money transfer is in that country.

@Alfsbs is more familiar with these payment methods, so maybe he can help out clear things up a bit here.

Either way, payment for BTC happens completely outside of Bisq and directly between trading peers. Instructions given by the app should be followed when trading to ensure the safety of transaction.

Exactly, it’s just depositing the money in cash in the bank v. a wire transfer no a bank in the same country.

Beware that for cash deposits some banks are requiring you to have a bank account at that bank. Vid. Warning to buyers: Cash deposits to at BoA require depositor to have account with BoA!

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