Privacy: address reuse

When looking into my bisq account under
funds --> Receive funds
I see that usually new addresses are used. But on the bottom there is one address 1A… used already more than a dozen times and I wonder why. Here two examples:

input addresses: 1A…, 1B…, 1C
output address 1A…
This transaction was obviously used to combine the amounts from the three addresses 1A…, 1B… and 1C… into one address. Why not into an output 1D… or 1D…, 1E… which would be at least a bit more private?

input address: 1A…
output addresses 1A…, 1F…, 1G…
This one looks like an altcoin trade where 1F is the altcoin seller’s BTC address, 1G the trade fee receiver and 1A the senders address = change address. This is even less nice than the 1) example. If 1A… wouldn’t be used as the change address it would be much better to make tracing/clustering of addresses more difficult.

So I wonder why this happens with one of my addresses, the others not. Any reason the setup is this way or can I influence this in the settings somewhere? wanted result would be no reuse of any address.


I’m not sure how address use is done in the app. Maybe @ManfredKarrer can explain this to us a little better when he has time.

There is nothing in Settings that you can change, as far as I can see, that will change this.

Do you have the latest version? If there is a reuse of old addresses it is a bug. In older versions there was a bug with that but it should have been fixed a while back.

I use currently the second latest version. Need to manually update from github because the update link is a debian one and I’d need a rpm for fedora.
Will update to latest one and report in case the reuse continues.

Upgraded to version 7.1 and did the same type of transaction where I saw the address reuse before. This time no address was reused, so everything worked fine.
Great job, thanks to the team!
As well I’m pleased that I can manage the addresses in the wallet one by one (as far as I know not a new feature but a good one for privacy reasons).


Good to hear. Input selection like in Bitcoin Core would be even better, but usually there should be only 1 tx associated with 1 address…