Problem with IRR price allocation


The Bitcoin price setup in creating new offer does not work with Iranian Rial.

Your system automatically uses official price of USD in IRR which is not used for trade in Iran.

In Iran we have 2 prices for USD, the first one or official one is used for some essentials such as foods and controlled by government and the second one is unofficial price which is used for any other trade. For example:

Current official price: 1 USD = 42000 IRR

Current unofficial price: 1USD = 143500 IRR

You should let us change USD in IRR some where in the price allocation setting.


Are you sure? When setting up the account for National Bank Transfer or Face-2-Face you can choose the currency to be USD instead of IRR. I didn’t test all the way since I did not want to create an offer.

Sorry for my bad explanation of the problem.

The problem is IRR price adjustment, not technical issue.

Your system automatically uses official price of USD in IRR which is not used for trade in Iran and I can not change it to show the offer price, correctly in IRR.

I see the problem. The market price in IRR is given by BitcoinAverage that simply gives the wrong price, probably because it uses the USD price and converts to IRR using the official rate.
You can set your offers in fixed IRR instead of relying of a fixed percentage. If a market develops in IRR I think Bisq will become the price reference.

I tried the fixed price, but because of huge difference between official and unofficial USD price in IRR, it increase more than 50% of max allowed and system shows this error:

The price you have entered is outside the max…

I cant increase max deviation more than 50%

We might have to remove the IRR price feed from the price nodes to allow any fixed price if we can’t find a proper IRR feed.

Thanks, one of the most accurate unofficial IRR price site during last 5 years is:

They have api for webmasters as well:

Note: All prices in this site are in Iranian Toman (1 Toman = 10 IRR)

It would be good, if you use unofficial Iranian Rial Exchange Rates from this site.

Disclaimer: I am not owner of this website and I assume no responsibility or liability for any data contained within the website.

There is a governmental website for unofficial prices which is not too accurate but it would be good if you use their exchange price as well:

This web site is for Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Without integration into BitcoinAverage someone has to implement and support one of those APIs. We’re pretty short of developers so I think it’s more reasonable to disable the IRR feed from BitcoinAverage and only place fixed price orders for now. I invite anyone interested to take on that work though.

I remember when we had this same exact issue for Venezuela.
It was solved by disabling the price feed as well, it seems.