Propagating delays


Have sometimes transactions which are for many hours (current example 7 hours for a withdrawal) in the transaction list with Confirmations status “seen by 0 peers”. Have currently 5 transactions in this status. New start of the app didn’t help.
My node is connected to nearly 125 Bitcoin nodes and usually Bitcoin transactions propagate through the network within 1-2 seconds.
Overall I connected bisq with 3 nodes and have 8-12 peers in the app. Some transactions initiated later propagate fast again.
The fee should be irrelevant because it only helps after propagating to be included in a block.

Anyone has an idea why it’s not propagating?



“Delete SPV chain / Recreate” solved the issue.
Read here if you have the same issue:


Happened again with a dispute payout to me which isn’t propagating in the Bitcoin network. If I resync again this will disappear but the 0.01 BTC will be lost (staying at the sending address). And I cannot open a closed dispute. Any idea how to fix this?


You can contact the arbitrator here if you got his onion address.
Just look it up on the forum and your find who is your arbitrator, then you can just PM him telling him the issue and your trade id.

PS: Is your Internet connection stable? It might be that you are experiencing some connectivity issues. Maybe deleting the outdated Tor files in Settings->Network info would help, if your Internet is otherwise good.