Properly removing BTC from Bisq Wallet

What is the correct procedure to:

  • end an offer

  • sweep all finds out of Bisq and into another (non-Bisq) wallet?

The offer ends, if there is no mediation, when seller clicks “payment received”, and both traders get their funds to addresses they’re the only owners.
Then, you can go to Funds - Send funds and send the BTC to any BTC address.

Sorry I didn’t communicate what I mean. I mean how do I end the offer myself because I want to stop the offer? And then how do I recover my BTC from the Bisq wallet and put back into another wallet?

Go to “Portfolio” and “My Open Offers”, press the red trash icon on the right side of any of your offers and then confirm with “Remove Offer” button. You will loose your “maker fee”. After that the reserved amount of BTC will be available for spending in “Funds” - “Send Funds”, where you can transfer that to any address you want.


Thank you! I think I’m going to stop using Bisq until they can fix the data security issues. I’m also going to post on reddit so people are aware that Bisq is either compromised or does not take security seriously at all. It’s literally the worst key handling I have seen in almost ten years, and Bisq handles money and accounts!

The issue is with Bisq using Tor to transmit transactions, not with the wallet. This issue has been around for a long time but no fix has been found yet.

I don’t know what issue you think I was talking about but I am talking about the fact that Bisq can not manage GPG keys properly:

But thank you for pointing out this other, unrelated issue. I don’t see it as a security issue however, so I’m not sure why you thought this is what I was talking about? Or maybe it is a security issue, I only looked at the link briefly.

The security issue is either that Bisq was compromised (the key issues that Bisq is having are generally considered by security profesionals to be a sign of a compromise) or Bisq does not understand basic key management. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Tor. Please do not confuse the issue.

Ah, I thought that you had issues sending funds out of Bisq, I did not associate this thread with the New Signing Key thread.
I’ll point that thread to the devs and maybe they can improve the process, on the meantime I understand you want to be out of Bisq, but me, I’m quite comfortable since I know that this change has not been considered as strange from any contributor.

Sure, well you have a personal relationship and trust with the contributors. The user-base does not, and the way to have a trustless relationship wiht users is by using PGP keys (CORRECTLY!) in the ways that were established 20 years ago and which are used by every other project. “Trust” regarding PGP has specific meaning, that don’t include “I read a guy I don’t know, on a bulletin board, say that he knows the devs and they don’t think there’s a problem.”