Remaining time stays for 6 days all the time

I started a trade on Dec 09. (2 days ago)

The remaining time for that trade stays always at 6 days.
When I let the software run, the remaining time just updates itself to stay at 6 days (see screenshots)

This is after the other party marked that they have started the payment.

Is the deposit tx confirmed?

In the client it apparently isn’t
Still showing this:

But when I check the TX ID with a block explorer it shows as being confiirmed since Dec 09.
I also thought the buyer can only press the “started the payment” button once the TX ID is confirmed and NOT before that?

Which version of Bisq are you using? 1.5.0?

This may be related to this bug:

Resyncing the SPV File - probably several times - is the suggested workaround in this case

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Version 1.5.1

but I’ll try the Resyncing solution, thanks!

It worked!
Thank you again!

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