[Resolved] Funds stuck, no arbitrator input

Arbitrator address urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion trade id QNcZkGCN.

Peer sent funds, but a bug in Bisq (I don’t recall the exact message anymore) prevented me from finalizing the trade.

Support ticked opened yesterday with request for arbitrator to release funds manually to peer.

If peer is reading this - got your back, just need the arbitrator to release the funds.

Concerned arbitrator is the new @arbitrator1
(New arbitrator)

Do you use Bisq very last version v0.9.3 ?

Negative. v0.9.1.

If it’s been more then 24h since arbitrators last response, try reopening the ticket with cmd+o.

It is always strongly advised to upgrade to the last version, since there are always bugs corrections etc.

Just updated to v0.9.3.

Have tried to cmd+o again, it warns me that an open ticket already exists for this trade.

Then I chose to open new ticket anyway, but nothing happens.

How to best get the attention of the arbitrator? The peer is out cold, probably thinks he got scammed, and there’s nothing I can do without the arbitrator stepping in.


the case is closed already and payout done:

I reopened and closed again. You should get the message. If not u might some corrupted data - please consider to switch to a new data directory as described here: How to switch to a new data directory

Just to make clear, you received back your deposit. See the tx screen under funds/txs.