.rpm package downloads for OpenSuse, Fedora, Centos ect

I just found out about this project on Steemit. It looks fantastic! =)

I know your development team will be busy and already have heaps of work to do. I see you already offer installs for Windows, Mac and .deb packages for Linux.

Would it be possible for you to also provide .rpm packages for the other Linux distros?
Or perhaps, .appimage which would then run on any Linux distro?

I’m going to put the word out about this great project.


There are some GH issues regarding rpm but nobody worked on it so far. If anyone delivers a working build script I will add it, but I don’t have the resources to support that by myself atm.

Sorry, it is out of my skill set… build scripts.
I just tried converting the .deb with alien to .rpm. The .rpm install fails. :disappointed:

Have you guys considered .appimage?

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I tried that as well once, but also failed. No I am not aware of .appimage.


Distribute your desktop Linux application in the AppImage format and win users running all common Linux distributions. Package once and run everywhere. Reach users on all major desktop distributions.

It even gets the thumbs up from Linus Torvalds. =)

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After poking around in the source package, .tar.gz, I figured out that Bisq is a Java package. I couldn’t compile the Java package, because I don’t have all of the software installed to do so. Then I hit upon the idea of extracting the .deb archive. I then successfully ran Bisq from there.

Have you considered just offering .zip archive? Since the application is stand alone it does not have to be installed to a specific directory. The .appimages are the same.

It took some time to connect through TOR, but, it is finally up and running! =)

I have only just started looking around the software. I very much like that you seem to have comprehensive support of Altcoins. I love the fact that with this software, I am trading directly from my own wallets. This is awesome!

However, I have noted that not many people appear to be using it at the moment. That is a real pity, because that entails a vicious circle of not many people trading, so people don’t use it. However trading on fiat currencies for BTC seems to be popular.

I would really love to see this take off. I am no whale on any social network, so I cannot bring you much clout and influence. But I will put the word out and try to evangelise.

I am definitely following your project. I’m looking forward to further developments.


I personally use Appimage a lot because its distro agnostic. This means I can get software that hasn’t made it yet into my specific distro package list.

For instance, the latest version of Bisq is not available for my distro. Instead, the package is stuck on 4.9 version which is missing many improvements.

I really hope the developers of Bisq will look into packing their next updates into the Appimage format. Ultimately, this would save them a lot of work because it would not be necessary to package Bisq specifically for Debian based or Arch or whatever based distro.

Thank You for your attention.

I am a long time Fedora user with some experience - are people happy to co-operate with me to help get the RPM going? Alternatively, I have also just discovered AppImage and would be happy to explore that development as well . .

I think Bisq IS a very exciting development so it would be good to make it easy as possible for people to start using it - whatever their preferred OS is . .


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Hey Phil, feel free to join Slack https://bisq-slack.herokuapp.com/
There might be someone interested to help you out in this development.

Thanks! I will join up . .

Cool! if anyone can provide me build scripts (see /package/linux in the source code) for alternative distributions and test that it works I am happy to add that.