SEPA transfer, which are the risks

I would like to know which are the risks when I buy bitcoin with SEPA transfer. On the FAQ, Bisq says “There have been reports that some banks have closed client accounts when they sense Bitcoin activity.”
Someone can tell me which banks, in which country and for what ?

For example, if the seller gettin arrested for x reason, the authorities will check his bank account and they can check all the transfers included my bank account and my ID. So I’m asking is no-KYC exchange legal or not ? I’m in France I can open a new account only for BISQ, but can they do something worse ?
I mean something worse than just close my bank account and charge me ?

Hope I’ve been clear enough my english is not perfect, thanks.

It gets very tricky as each bank seems to behave differently. The best place to read about the questions you have probably is your bank contract. Other than that you can search this forum for people complaining about having their accounts closed or chargebacks and see how it can inform you.

Hey man, thanks a lot for your answer …
We should create a topic which speaks about all the problems with any banks.
Maybe it will spare us some surprises.

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