Trade stuck because of transactions not published


I have recently opened a support ticket for a trade (ID 46803-bfa2e303-3eaf-4673-bb11-32cfee004f69-155) that for some reason got stuck even before first confirmation because some transactions were not published on the blockchain. Or it seems. However, the fees were quite low and the mempool too, during the period when the trade was created and taken, so i dont understand what might have been the resson.

Anyway, I have opened a support ticket for the trade in Bisq and the proposed resolution is to cancel the trade, however the counterparty did not agree (or doesn’t even know about it) and now im stuck again and have to wait for two weeks for a second round of arbitrage ?

Is there no way how to speed up the process ? I’m not even sure the counterparty is aware of what happened, and i’m reluctant to wait with my funds locked for so long. What should be my next steps ? What might have been the reason for the failed trade ?

Thanks a lot for replying !

If transactions have not been published, there are no locked funds and therefore, arbitration is not necessary. It would be a failed trade.

Has the mediator really suggested you to cancel the trade? That means, making a suggestion so both peers can get back your money? That would not be possible either if transactions are not published.
Read carefully the link above and if you find something strange or you don’t understand, we could help you at Keybase through private messages.