WB21 transfer


I ask for everybody if can help about one question in WB21.

I have founds in WB21 account and two times I try make a transfer for another bank and NOT make the transfer, the first time is in march 2018, I try send and after two month ask about where is the money, because not going to recipient account and don’t see the founds in the account, I say for back the money for the WB21 account and back yes, the second chance is in June 2018, I order transfer and only now in September after so many claims come back the money for my WB21 account, because happened exactly the same problem before.
Anybody say me, how can do to transfer my money for another bank???
Thanks for help,

I think I remember some old discussions on this forum about WB21 being a scam that never allowed it’s users to withdraw their funds. (perhaps it was this one Does anybody has experience with: https://www.wb21.com )

Anyway, I thought that scam was dead now and everyone just accepted their loses if that was the case.
I don’t think that there are many Bisq users that use that “bank” here, so I don’t think there is much use of posting about it here.